Rafiki Technology

Let’s Work Together

At Rafiki Technology, we make technology cooperate and become friendly. We speak many languages and break language barriers. We work with you to build, test, analyze, translate, or educate. Our goal: your SUCCESS.

We make tech friendly.


Language Services

We are fluent in French, Spanish, Swahili, and English. We have experience translating, proofreading, editing documents, subtitles, and interpreting for several years. We help individuals and organizations get their message across the language barrier. We can partner with you to get yours across too.

Tech Support & Data Analytics

We help you ethically collect, store, or make sense of data. We build websites, we troubleshoot computers, and internet of things devices. In short, we make tech friendly. Got an IT problem? Let’s solve that together!

Free Technical Insight

Over the years, we have shared or re-shared knowledge we gained or learned. Check out the articles in our blog section.