There has been an increase in emails from services [@] PayPal[.]com that claim to be billing for a domain name you own or to which your email address is connected.

Do not fall for these. They are fishing emails you need to stay away from. You can read up more on this issue from previous reports on the topic here:

If you are technically inclined, feel free to report the abuse to GoDaddy’s abuse form found in the footer or their website. As of today, the direct link to the abuse form looks like this:

If you are not technically inclined or if you just want to pay your GoDaddy bill, do not follow any links from that email, just open your browser and login to your GoDaddy account directly and proceed to managing your billing from within your account.

You have been warned! Stay blessed!

Posted by Rafiki Technology

We learned a ton in school, on the job, but also from great technical insights that others shared on various platforms. We are just giving it back and glorifying Jesus Christ, the Inventor of all human beings. Please note that all information shared on or through our site is of good faith and is not intended to cause any harm individuals, groups, organizations, or devices. Just to be clear: you assume all responsibility for anything you do; we are not liable for anything that should go wrong.

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